Project: Zuiver Wonen | Volker Wessels
Project: Blanckenhagen
Project: Pod-Space
Project: Nieuwe Schoolstraat
Project: Zwolle | Maas Architects
Project: Urban | SieMatic
Project: Villa Industria Type EF | De Alliantie
Project: Farmhouse | Maas Architects
Project: Hooghe Hoed | Keldermanbouw
Project: State of Art Masterclass 2015
Project: Alpha | Kembo
Project: Enschede | Maas Architects
Project: Shanghai Tower | ARX architects
Project: Om de Heanen | BPD
Project: Villa Industria Type A | De Alliantie
Project: Den Hoef | Van Wanrooij
Project: Lochem | Maas Architects
Project: Double | Kembo
Project: Bellinkhof | Maas Architects
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